Below is an example of a typical specification of a Spitfire LF Mk IXE (type number 361) as it was built at the Castle Bromwich factory during 1944 and 1945:

Engine: Rolls-Royce Merlin 66 m. 1720hk
Weight and meassurement:  
Wing span: 11,25m
Length (in "flying" atitude): 10,65
Weight: Ca. 2500 kg
Max. take-off weight: Ca. 3900 kg
Armament: 2ea 20mm Hispano Mk. II cannons w each 120 rounds.

2ea 12,7mm (.5 inch) Browning machine guns w each 250 rounds. Weight of a one second burst 3,9 kg

Top speed: 656 km/h @ 7.500 meters /499 km/h @ sea level
Vne: 960 km/h (during dive).
Cruise speed: Betw 400 and 528 km/h
Best climb : 1205m/min
Stall speed: Betw 110 and 130km/h
Max endurance: Aprx. 2 hours
Max combat radius: Aprx. 300km



Below you can choose to see selected key-data of a Mark number:


M = Rolls-Royce Merlin
PM = PackhardMerlin
G = Rolls-Royce Griffon


Wings: See illustration below.

As a remark: The Spitfire that was rated for the highest flight, was the HF Mk. IX (cieling of 45,000ft / 13,725m) and the model that climbed best was Mk XIX (5,227ft/min / 1,600 m/min)

In regards to the engining of the Spitfire, this "data-sheet" is not fullfilling and can only be regarded as a guideline. Marks have been develloped with different engine types and not all date is available.

Please notee that a LF variant not necessarily has short wings. As mentioned elsewhere it is the "tuning" of the engine that determins which role the variant/model was intended for. E.g. a Merlin 45 has it maximum output of 1,470hp at 2,800 meters where a Merlin 45M (the version with cropped compressor blades) has it's max. output of 1,585hp in 840 meters. On the other hand the 45M only has an output of 1,165hp in approx. 3,000meters where the 45 has an output of approx. 1,300hp.

As mentioned elsewhere the Spitfire was built with various types of wings. Please see to the left.

3 Merlin powered Spits - click for large picture.


Above: the difference between the regular and clipped wings is clear - click for large picture


Types of tail:





1   Early Merlin tail
2   Late Merlin tale (Broad Chord)
3   Mk XIV, Mk XVIII and XIX
4   Late Griffon and Spiteful tale