Sources and credits

I have written the text; photos (except for those mentioned below), sound and video clips are my own taken at numerous Flying Legends Air Shows and other events at Duxford, England. Pictures of 41-401 have been taken at Danmarks Flymuseum in Stauning. Do yourself a favour and visit both places!


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Vickers Supermarine
Egen (kølesystem)


Keld Bredahl:
Airframe: Griffon engine (Thanks for not shaking your hands).

Alf Blume:
Dansh Spitfires: Spitfires in RDAF markings.

Flyvevåbnets Historiske Samling (Royal Danish Airforce Historical Collection):
Pictures from RDAF

Aage Christensen:
"41-401": Merlin Engine and cockpit

Thalbitzer og Svendsen.

Vickers Ltd/Vickers Supermarine:
Drawings, S6B og K5054.

R25R- and Griffon engines (and "x-ray" picture of Merlin engine).

Mk 21 og Mk 22

RAF Museum / Charles Brown:


The rest:
Own photos

Sound and video are own recordings from Roskilde, Tirstrup and Duxford.

Links to interesting Sites

Aircraft Records - The Sound of Aviation. First class sound recordings of on CD. The best! A must for aircraft lovers. Listen to eg. P-51, Messerschmitt 109G, P-38 and more. Please do yourself a favour - check it out!.

Historic Flying

TFC - The Fighter Collection

OFMC - Old Flying Machine Company

Imperial War Museum - Duxford

Danmarks Flymuseum

New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum

The Aircraft Restoration Company

Historic Aircraft Collection

Airmen - about allied aircraft that were lost over Danmark

Danish WW2 Pilots

About Danske Kramme og Zeuten (aircraft manufacturers)

Bundell Brothers tribute to RJ Mitchells Spitfire

5 Merlin Spitfires - low and fast -
Click for large picture

3 Merlin Spitfires. From the left: 2 Mk IX and 1 Mk V
Click for large pictures


Below - other aircraft from those days:


DH 98 Mosquito - Merlin-power - Click for large picture

Avro Lancaster - 4 Merlins

North American P-51 Mustang - Packard Merlin - Click for large picture

Chance Vought Corsair - Click for large picture