Sound and video

On this page you will find some sound and video files, which I have recorded at several occations. Some of the files are quite big but they are worth watching/listening to, because they give good impressions about the 2 main variants of the Spitfire. Several of the sound files are in stereo. The formats are Quicktime and MP3.


Spitfire Mk. IX (34kb) passing at low speed at low altitude. This model is equipped with a Merlin 66.

3 Spitfires (282kb)in formation. 2 Mk. V and one Mk. XVI - all are with Merlin engines. Also see the video clip below.

En enkel Merlin (509kb) (which in this case is fitted to a FIAT G59)  looping. This is the same lovely music as it would have sounded if the engine was fitted to a Spitfire. The short version: Merlin (181kb)

Spitfire Mk. XIV (485kb) during a loop. The Mk. XIV is fitted with a Griffon-engine.

En Mk. XIV (320kb) returning for parking after flight.

Watch this!

Spitfire Mk. XI (1781kb) filmed during a barrel roll. Here you will get an impression of a Merlin powered Spitfire's shape

Mk. IX (1470kb) taxiing for take-off.

3 Merlin-motoriserede (1116kb) Spitfires (2 Mk. V og 1 Mk. XVI) on down-wind before landing.

Heres a demonstration of a Mk. XIV with clipped wings (929kb) can do!

Taxiing Mk. XIV (1210kb).

A Spitfire Mk XVI in a "Cuban Eight" (1885kb)

 3 Griffon Spitfires and 1 Merlin Spitfire (1247kb)

A Spitfire Mk V B taking off (1010kb)

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however, don't forget that I have the copyright and from where you got them :-)

1 Mk VC and Mk IXE against a gray sky
2 Mk VC and IXE against a blue sky
3 3 Merlin Spitfires showing their lines
4 Mk VC taxiing for take off
5 Mk VC landing
6 Mk XIVE taxiing for take off
7 Mk IXE landing
8 Mk IXE landing
9 Mk IXE taxiing for take off
10 Mk VC (BM597) taxiing
11 LF Mk VC during landing
12 Mk XVI taking off
13 MH434 during landing
14 Mk XIV parked in the sun

Griffon Spitfires

Mk VC i ørkenbemaling